Rodent Capture Machines are able to:

  • Eliminate bad odors;

  • Contain the rat carcasses as to keep them out of sight in addition, ensuring not to alarm the rat colonies of a threat;

  • Do not intervene with the operation and functionality of the airport.



A closer Look...

Thanks to the natural elements of the rodent bait, such as crayfish, nuts, grains etc, the rodents are drawn to the container and become trapped in the contraption while attempting to eat the bait.

Every trap is equipped with:

  • A highly sensitive pressure sensor;

  • A series of devices capable of attracting and outsmarting the rodents;

  • A lock sealed container guaranteeing the maintenance of hygiene and safety regulations using eco-friendly disinfectant.

The system uses natural bait thus ensuring environmentally friendly waste, making it ideal for areas in which food is meant to be prepared and stored.

The system can be installed in whichever environment of the airport such as: restaurants, lounges, wifi zones, gates and terminals, technical areas, and cargo warehouses. In the public areas of the airport, the trap can be camouflaged to appear as desired in a discrete and non-invasive way.

Rodent Capture Machines are the Ideal Solution

  • The bait is real natural food;

  • The capture of the rodents is continuous and discrete;

  • The trap is odorless, effective and safe for humans and pets;

  • rodent capture inc. provides monthly check ups by our technicians to monitor the rat colony in a secure and discrete way.