For the last 30 years, we have pioneered our rodent capture solutions in Europe. We found a way to balance the task of controlling rodent populations with protecting the environment. 

Our goal is to pioneer this technology in the United States. By partnering with the leading pest control company in Italy, Rodent Capture Inc. is at the forefront of the effort to protect our environment from toxic, ineffective rodent pesticides and introduce an environmentally-friendly solution which actually works to control rodent populations.

Rodent Capture inc. is the next generation of rodent control. I started using these machines in all of my contracts and have seen amazing results. This product gives 24 hour protection and multi-catch capability to my clients. In NYC Rodent control is a daily task and Rodent Capture Inc. helps us with eliminating rodent populations.

— Mike Nihill, Exterminating Tech. in NYC